An open letter to all woman.

Hey there woman.

There is something I need to tell you.

And there is something you need to tell yourself.

You are amazing, you may not feel it today and you may not have felt it for a while but you are, so…

Be. Kind.
Be kind to yourself.
Be kind to your body.

I want you to know how INCREDIBLE your body is. It works in so many complex and clever ways to keep you moving, smiling and feeling. Your body can be a powerhouse of processes that allow you to reproduce, feel pleasure and grow. To think, to feel and to learn. It really is mind-blowing. And it deserves your attention and above all else, your kindness.

Do you know what I find so peculiar? Womankind can be so powerful when they come together in unity; they uplift, inspire and support each other, but at the flick of the switch they can be full of judgement and hate.

And it’s not just judgment of other women, but it’s the harsh and cruel way we judge and treat ourselves.

Not only are we continually reminded of how we ‘should’ look and feel, but we are also constantly comparing ourselves to others and wishing we were thinner, or prettier or richer. The pressure we put on ourselves is just plain mean.

I want to change the way you feel about your body.

If you can learn about yourself and love yourself, you can begin to permeate that love and kindness to the bodies of women around you, as they too are made of the same special stuff you are.

As women, we often go through life not truly knowing how our bodies work and not understanding their complexity or their potential. Because talking about our bodies, about sex and sexuality can be difficult, a lot of people are never given the opportunity to discuss their sexual health or try and understand what happens to their body over time.

Without a safe place to ask questions, women often learn from trashy magazines, misguided internet forums or they learn through the experiences of their friends, sisters and cousins. They may learn about something only because they’re going through it, which can be surprising and worrying, for example;

  • am I supposed to have this spot?
  • is this something I should be worried about?
  • is this supposed to hurt?
  • where did that come from?

Learning through experience can be very powerful but it can also be daunting, uncomfortable and sometimes traumatic.

The female body needs to be understood and celebrated.

On this blog I hope you find inspiration. I also hope I can blow your mind with the incredible inner workings of the female body and that you find some answers to some of those questions you had about yourself. In time I’d love you to have the opportunity to connect with other women
here in a like-minded community, brought together by an appreciation for your bodies.

Through education and positive action, let’s empower each other to love and be kind to our bodies, ourselves and to each other.

Yours warmly,

Dr Greta


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