What is Woman be kind?

Our Mission

Woman be kind is a collective of medical doctors who are passionate about changing the way woman feel about their bodies. 

We hope you have found your way to the Woman be kind website because you share in our awe and admiration for women. 

In our work as medical doctors, we feel privileged to meet, know and treat so many different women. Every day we are blown away by the energy and strength that women encompass. 


It has become more apparent to us that a lot of women don’t know their bodies. More recently, we have witnessed a shift through social media movements, where people are trying harder to love and accept their bodies. However, we still don’t think women talk about their sexual and reproductive health enough. 

We think learning about your vagina, understanding your hormones and talking more about sex and sexuality is the ‘final stage of self-celebration’.

With our expertise in women’s sexual and reproductive health – that is what we are here to do. Take you a step beyond just loving your body; to a point where you understand and engage with your sexual and reproductive health.

All women are different; some women are very engaged in how their body works, whereas others are less interested in the finer details. What is essential is that all women, no matter their age or stage, have access to information about how their bodies work. Unfortunately, what we’ve seen is with less understanding often comes less engagement with health and wellbeing. 

Through the Woman Be Kind blog, we aim to provide people with simple and easy to understand information about the female body and women’s sexual and reproductive health. We want to empower women to get to know their bodies better.

To learn a little more about the people behind the Woman be kind collective, head over here to meet our team. 

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