Premenstrual Syndrome aka PMS is the term we use to describe that time leading up to your period when you feel like your hormones are going crazy!

Am I right? Cue the mood swings, pimples, chocolate cravings, and tender breasts.

Managing your hormones can be hard work – especially when you feel like you are on a hormonal roller-coaster. I see SO many women who struggle with hormone changes leading up to their period.

But you don’t have to keep suffering…

I have put together a free resource that touches on a few easy and natural ways to manage your hormones before your period. 

This free e-book is for you if:

  • You get painful breasts, bloating and headaches before your period
  • You know your period is on its way because your mood swings start
  • You have always wondered why your body feels different leading up to your period
  • You prefer to try natural remedies before diving into medications 
  • You are open to making some positive changes to your lifestyle

Specifically, this free ebook is about helping you tackle the common challenges that women with PMS face, like:

  • Physical symptoms of PMS including sore breasts, headaches and bloating
  • Emotional symptoms such as mood swings, anxiety and irritability 

My e-book is packed with tips on things you can try without spending an arm and a leg and all without having to leave the comfort of your couch. 

To get your hands on a free copy of my “Four Easy and Natural Ways to Manage Your Hormones Leading up to your Period” enter your email address below and I will send you a copy – straight to your inbox.

I hope you find some useful ideas and you can start to find some hormone harmony in no time.


Warm Regards
Dr. Greta

MBChB, PGCertWHlth, BSc
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