Step By Step

Here you’ll find lots of helpful step-by-step guides that talk you through lots of women’s health procedures and helps you get prepared.

Seven steps to getting a cervical smear.

By Dr. Greta

Hey woman, we need to talk about smears. I know plenty of women who will do whatever they can to avoid this rather cringey one-on-one time with their doctor. But booking this five-minute WOF for your lady bits could be […]

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Six things to know BEFORE you get your IUD taken out.

By Dr. Greta

So you’re thinking about getting your Intra-Uterine Device (IUD) out? Or perhaps you have even booked your appointment? Good work girl! Now all you need to do is speed read this and you are ready to go. Here are six […]

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How to get to know YOUR genitals.

By Dr. Greta

How well do you know your genitals? I am going to go ahead and guess that you aren’t answering me loudly and confidently with “VERY WELL”! Here is a simple exercise that you can do today to get to know yourself better. […]

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