Sexual Health

Sexual health is SO important but quite commonly forgotten about when we think about our general health. I hope more people will become empowered to express their sexuality while keeping themselves safe and happy.

What are the 6 most common causes of vaginal itch?

By Dr. Greta

So are you intrigued to know 6 of the most common causes of vaginal itch? Is that because you have experienced that annoying urge to scratch down there at some point in your life? Vaginal itch has to be one […]

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Seven steps to getting a cervical smear.

By Dr. Greta

Hey woman, we need to talk about smears. I know plenty of women who will do whatever they can to avoid this rather cringey one-on-one time with their doctor. But booking this five-minute WOF for your lady bits could be […]

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The reason why I started the ‘Woman be kind’ Blog.

By Dr. Greta

If you’ve discovered this blog already and have had a chance to read an article or two, then you may have already picked up that this blog is a place for women to learn about their bodies. I hope that […]

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