Contraception can be confusing – there are so many different options to choose from BUT not every option suits every person. Here you will find factual and research-based information about the different contraception options available – to make a fully informed decision that suits you.

Eight different ways to manage painful periods.

By Dr. Greta

The question on everyone’s lips is: “How can I manage my pesky painful periods?” Well, the good news is, there are actually a fair few things out there that may be worth a try. Up to 95% of women will […]

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Six things to know BEFORE you get your IUD taken out.

By Dr. Greta

So you’re thinking about getting your Intra-Uterine Device (IUD) out? Or perhaps you have even booked your appointment? Good work girl! Now all you need to do is speed read this and you are ready to go. Here are six […]

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